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Intrebarea unui politist: de ce sa ma implic?

Acum câteva zile discutam cu o cunoștință care lucrează în poliție. Îmi spunea că atunci când e în afara programului nu simte nevoia să intervină în situații în care sesizează diverse ilegalități. Că poate doi se bat, dar de fapt sunt prieteni, că cine stie ce pile are cel care circulă beat sau cine știe pe […]

Of Birds and Beggars

It’s almost freezing outside. Close to the building, two kids are begging. The older one is seriously disabled. I guess that before he was able to tell his parents that he’d like to be a doctor or a firefighter, or an airplane pilot, they decided for him that he’ll be a beggar. So they crippled […]

Tips for Taking a Taxi in Morocco

Taxis are a relatively cheap way of getting around Morocco, in the city and in between cities. Depending on some things, the experience can vary from fun to frustration or panic. Here are my tips after going through all these states during my seven months in Morocco. Petit Taxis – in the city transportation, color […]

Change Okular Default Highlighter Color – for Linux Light Users

Update: Okular version 0.17 has configurable review tools. Today I had enough of the yellow highlighter that’s default in Okular and I went about to change it. It was a bit tricky since I’m a light terminal user, and I wanted as much graphical interface as possible when dealing with changes in restricted areas of […]

Thoughts on Morocco I – the overwhelming pluses

After seven moths spent in Morocco, five of which living in the medina of Salé, and more than 15 cities visited, here are some thoughts on this experience. Morocco has some of the friendliest people I’ve met. I was helped, hosted, and fed by complete strangers, in situations that rarely have a correspondence in Europe: […]

Thoughts on Morocco II – and some minuses

This post is dedicated to the less positive things in Morocco. I’ll make this part short – the negative aspects were greatly outnumbered by the positive ones – although it’s worth mentioning some of the least pleasant things: traffic accidents and people that don’t seem to understand the importance of a helmet or safety belt. […]

Thoughts on Morocco III – traveling

Morocco is an exotic country for many Europeans and traveling inside Morocco has its perks. The most obvious advantage is that it’s cheap, and if you take the time and patience to do it like the average Moroccan – with train, bus, and taxi – it will come out really cheap. You will also get […]