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Stephen Brookfield on Experience

I thought I’d post this fragment from  The Getting of Wisdom: What Critically Reflective Teaching is and Why It’s Important by Stephen Brookfield. I like the way he explains how it is the depth of one’s experience that counts, and not the length. Length of experience does not automatically confer insight and wisdom. Ten years […]

Why Reading Drive Was Interesting, But I Regret Buying It

This text wants to be a book review. Let’s see how it ends. I started reading drive after all the hype around it, after being referenced in prof. Werbach’s Gamification course, and after passing my filter of “be careful when the 1 star ratings are more than 10% of the 5 star ratings” on Amazon. […]

Le Comte de Monte Cristo

Finally finished the book – the first I’ve read in French. Ended up with more than 400 pages of notes!!! It was a tour de force for my kindle. Alongside The Magus, they are on the top of my list.

Risk by Dan Gardner

Dan Gardner draws on studies and social experiments to explain how our perception of risk is often biased. A very good read with lots of examples. Actually, so many examples that my kindle version didn’t allow me to make all the highlights I wanted to make while reading this book. Throughout the book the author […]

Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr Spencer Johnson

A quick read that dusts off some habits that fog the need to change and adapt quickly. Here is the list of advice taken from the illustrations inside the book:

Scientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins

The only purpose of advertising is to make sales.It is profitable or unprofitable according to its actual sales. Treat it as a salesman.