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Reading is like…

Reading is like duct tape, both are very hard to improvise. Advertisements

Thoughts on Morocco III – traveling

Morocco is an exotic country for many Europeans and traveling inside Morocco has its perks. The most obvious advantage is that it’s cheap, and if you take the time and patience to do it like the average Moroccan – with train, bus, and taxi – it will come out really cheap. You will also get […]

Influence, Pizza, and an Expensive Taxi Ride

I read Influence by Robert Cialdini. Something unexpected happens and I have to take a taxi that costs a lot. I arrive late and think that I can buy a pizza instead of cooking dinner – the pizza seems less expensive than the taxi today. I remember the chapter about the merchant that sells an […]


arrogant (ˈærəɡənt) — adj having or showing an exaggerated opinion of one’s own importance, merit, ability, etc; conceited; overbearingly proud: an arrogant teacher ; an arrogant assumption – Source Also assuming that doing the job provides it all: knowledge, experience etc., without having to read, learn and stay up to date with technology, ideas and […]

Proposal For The National Day Of…

…Quality in Education, when institutions with valuable teachers and bright students are celebrated alongside schools that keep up to date with trends. Healthy Citizens – a day to celebrate sports, medicine, and everything that your country can offer you for a healthy living Citizenship Involvement Technological Development Freedom of Speech … Bottom line: wouldn’t it […]

Train ride stories #2 – the happy grandmother

“You can achieve anything you want, as long as you want it strong enough” said the old lady in the train to Timisoara. She was going to see her new-born grandson for the first time. She might have been over enthusiastic. It was fascinating to listen to her. She was very positive and told me […]

Nous voulons être délivrés… AdS-E

Nous voulons être délivrés. Celui qui donne un coup de pioche veut connaître un sens à son coup de pioche. Et le coup de pioche du bagnard, qui humilie le bagnard, n’est point le même que le coup de pioche du prospecteur, qui grandit le prospecteur. Le bagne ne réside point là où des coups […]