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header image of demo course

Articulate Rise demo course

A demo course using different elements of Articulate 360. Access the page here: https://yoadrian.gitlab.io/elearning-demo

Tools used: Articulate Rise 360, Gitlab

Summary of elements used:

  • Lesson 1: text, lists. Interactivity: tabs, expandable text, image hotspots
  • Lesson 2: text, table, bar chart. Interactivity: process, scenario, sorting activity
  • Lesson 3: text, audio, line chart, gallery. Interactivity: timeline, flashcard grid and stack
  • Lesson 4: video, pdf attachment, pie chart, quote carousel. Interactive buttons
  • Quiz: fill in the blank, multiple choice, multiple response, matching question, image uploads
printscreen of interactive activity from the demo course

header image of Moodle course

Moodle courses

I received my E-learning Content Developer certification at the 2012 Moodle Moot Romania. Since then, I have created several e-learning courses using Moodle Cloud and self-hosted Moodle. Bellow are images from demo courses, and how they display on pc and mobile.

Tools used: Moodle, HTML, multimedia editing tools

Moodle course homepage
Moodle course forum
Moodle course overview
Moodle course overview on mobile
Moodle course forum on mobile

header image of video animations

Behavioural Architecture promotional animations

I created a series of animations to promote the e-learning services of Behavioural Architecture in Romania. For the voice over, I have recorded my own voice at a local radio station, then used Audacity and Animaker to complete the project. One of the animations is optimised for phone viewing in vertical format.

Tools used: Audacity, Animaker

printscreen of video

Open the video on Vimeo – https://vimeo.com/334950643

printscreen of video

Open the video on Vimeo – https://vimeo.com/332164310

printscreen of video

Open the video on Vimeo – https://vimeo.com/330355431

header image of behavioural.ro

Behavioural Architecture website

I created a presentation page for Behavioural Architecture, the e-learning services business I started in Romania. To keep it simple, I opted for hosted WordPress, tweaking the allowed HTML elements. I created the copy of the website in both English and Romanian, the logo, and the animations in Romanian.

Link to the website (Jan. 24, 2022): behavioural.ro

Tools used: WordPress, HTML

behavioural.ro services page
behavioural.ro page in Romanian