621 miles to the Danube Delta

I remember one recruitment I took part in as an interviewer. A girl came, a former gymnast with a lot of years of practice under her belt. She even came in the first places of our National Gymnastics Championship. She ended up rejected because one of the interviewers “felt she wasn’t committed enough”. I was perplexed.

A person that wins a national competition in gymnastics, as in any sport, must dedicate long hours every day to practice, must disregard friends, sometimes even school. If the meaning of the word committed should be summarized, I believe professional athletics can pretty well say it all. She was very fluent and witty, and flunk because the feelings of the interviewer at that point were in dissonance with the thoughts of the former gymnast.

I remember this story as I was browsing today through some friends updates. One liked the FB page 622 mile. This is the story of Mile and his endeavor. It’s worth a lot of appreciation.

Hello, I’m Mile and this is my attempt to take a solitary 621 miles bike ride, from Timisoara to the Danube Delta. My goal is to raise as much awareness as possible on the story of the wild horses of the Danube delta, innocent prisoners of an equally “wild” Romanian capitalism. Hunted and transformed in Italian salami until recently, the wild horses are still held responsible for destroying farm crops and jeopardizing protected plant wildlife in the Danube delta.


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