An unusual Christmas greeting

Right. In the last 24 hours or so I experienced, in several ways, a feeling of humbleness… here is how it started:

– yesterday I found, alongside the other mail, a Christmas greeting from the people who take the waste on our street. In a form of an A4 paper, it had the pictures of the driver and his colleagues, the greetings and the mobile number of the driver, should there be any problems… Extraordinary! Maybe the men on the greeting have no idea about the initiative, maybe they do, the important lesson here is that everyone is important in the community, no matter what the contribution, it eventually counts in the big scheme of things.

– today I read on Psychology Today about Joe Tom Easley and his fight to bring to America a wounded Iraqi child. Worth reading about it here:

– last, but not least, today I found out that the small country of Bhutan, which may be the youngest democracy in the world, introduced the Gross National Happiness index. Here’s where you can find out more information:

Christmas greetings from waste removers.


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