10 Ways to “Get” Co-Active : Coaches Training Institute : Transforum

So how do we “get” Co-Active? How do we grow and develop our own ability to be Co-Active in our lives?

  1. Develop a relationship with your life purpose, understanding that you are here for a reason provides a foundation for action from meaning, from deep inside oneself.
  2. Learn to live in the question. Practice wondering rather than knowing.
  3. Grow your ability to act with certainty and clarity without attachment. In the beginning, it’s kind of like patting your head and rubbing your belly… and your facility will grow over time.
  4. Understand that every single person in your life is there to teach you something. Stay wildly curious about what that might be. Practice gratitude and appreciation of that teaching, even when and especially when you don’t like what that person is doing.
  5. Open to your emotions. They are the gas in our engine. They connect us to ourselves and each other and provide the fire to move forward in expansive ways.
  6. Becoming comfortable with the dramatic tension between choice and knowing that there are infinite possibilities.
  7. Learn to listen to the wisdom of your heart and follow its whisperings.
  8. Practice being fascinated by people and by life.
  9. Connect with nature. Everything we need to know about Co-Active already exists in the natural world. Spend time being in nature and notice what is unfolding all around you.
  10. If things get tangled, return to relationship and context. Usually things get off kilter because we’ve forgotten about the being. When we are connected to why we are doing things, the things we are doing flow clearly.

via 10 Ways to “Get” Co-Active : Coaches Training Institute : Transforum.


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