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The 68′ Ford Pinto Case

An interesting read about the 68′ Ford Pinto and the subsequent lawsuits involving this model. https://users.wfu.edu/palmitar/Law&Valuation/Papers/1999/Leggett-pinto.html The Ford Pinto case is an interesting read about technological efficiency and how this impacts people’s lives. In brief: the 1968 Ford Pinto had several problems with the fuel tank and its accessories, issues that led to fatal accidents. […]

The Human Paper-Shredder Has More Than 60% on Her Side

A reportage about an out-of-the-ordinary subject stirred conversations in Romanian Hotnews online media outlet. The Human Paper-Shredder (translated), places under the lens work, law, and behavior in Romania. What follows is not a translation of the article, although an English version would be useful, nor is it a summary. This article wants to briefly analyze […]