Enjoy Freedom By Traveling Light

After finishing my work in Krakow I decided I will return to my thoughts of not owning more than I can carry. This lead to some serious choosing and selecting. Clothes that I spent a lot of time looking for have went into the donation bag or in the bin. One of the advantages of being part of cool organizations is that they constantly print t-shirts for various occasions. It also means sometimes we get attached to these items, as they are the present connection to that past event or person. I had to give up a lot of those, some of which I haven’t used in months.

Tons of advice has been written about packing light. Here are but a few I’ve used:

I like this advice: <<The name of the game in world travel is being “fashionably light.”>>

A tip that I created for my own needs and habits is this one: give yourself time when getting rid of stuff. Take a week, for example, and sort things out for a few minutes each day. Sometimes, what seems important today will look different in the light of a new day.