Carrefour Romania – Environmental Carelessness


Update (2014): Carrefour in the city I mentioned bellow started allowing people the choose whether to bag their fruits or not.

For years Carrefour Romania has been constraining customers to buy items wrapped around in plastic bags even when this has been obviously unnecessary. My phone complaints have remained unanswered.

Whenever I go back to Romania for holidays, I run in the same unfriendly attitude of Carrefour in Resita, Romania. As I’m not allowed to weigh my own fruit items – never saw this in any other country/ supermarket, ever! – the person operating the scales bags single items of fruits and labels the bag with the price tag. Complaints seem to go unnoticed, as I’ve mailed and phoned the Romanian head office in previous years. Continue reading


How to settle the “What are your values?” part of an interview

A lot of us went through interviews where we were asked “so, what are your values?”. If you are doing your homework before the interview, the question does not come as a surprise. Even so, to have an answer with an impact you need two ingredients: sincerity and preparation. Continue reading