Leadership in sport, to be applied in business

Here’s a great article published in 2009 by Jeff Pearlman. You can read the full text on Psychology Today. There are so many leadership examples in the text that I can hardly make a shortlist of them. Instead, I took an excerpt of what I believe to be one of the best advice a company can give its leadership. And a question: do you have leaders with these traits in your organization?

Along with talent, there are several attributes that all winning teams (and winning players) possess, according to Kimball and other sports psychologists.

Work Ethic: “If you have a player who is constantly working to improve, it’s the number one sign of a winner who’ll make winning contagious,” Kimball says. “The focus isn’t 100 percent on outcome, but on getting better and making the people around you better. If players see their star working his tail off, they’ll feel compelled to do the same.” Continue reading