Who owns the bank?

I decided a few weeks ago that it’s high time I change the bank because of the way they treated me as a customer. I decided I deserve a bank-client relationship based on politeness and helping common interests. I also wouldn’t mind getting an Academy Award for the best drama sentence 😉

Not to get our signals mixed, it’s worth mentioning that there was politeness in their answers. The kind of politeness that does not shed any new light on the situation.  So I’m on my way to quit Bee-Tee, or at least part of their services.

The new bank GIN(!) told me that I should have a document in my mailbox in max-i-mum three days. I got it in six, after stopping at the bank. This bank has only a small office in my hometown, so customers rarely spend more than a few minutes there. But today I had to wait for my document.

So I waited. 20 minutes worth of waiting after I had swum one kilometer and drank more than a liter of water.  After few minutes I needed to use the toilette, and the only one available was the staff toilette. The young woman in charge of me gave me directions and, once I was in a nearby hallway, I heard this in the main office:

– We don’t have a customer toilette, you know!

– Yes, but…

– We don’t have a customer toilette, let it be clear!

The employee that complained did this in front of other colleagues and, needless to say, other clients.

After returning I thanked the woman who allowed me to use the staff toilette saying that I was searching for a bank that cared for customers’ needs. Even if this sometimes means getting some off-the-boilerplate services.

I really hope she will remember me standing up for her and that she will be just as helpful to another customer. Then there will be two happy customers, and then four, eight etc. And voila, a healthy marketing practice.

I will be really happy when people in Romania will start sharing their needs in a civilized way and expect back nothing less than a civilized answer.

Un alt text interesant despre politeţea la români l-am citit recent aici.


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