Thanks to you can see bellow a comparison between three main type of behaviors: aggressive, submissive and assertive.

Attribute Aggressive Submissive Assertive
Respect for others Low High High
Respect for self High (usually) Low High
Key action Attack others

Me first

Hide weaknesses

Exaggerate strengths

Do not concede

Submit to others

Me last

Visible weaknesses

Downplay strengths

Always concede

Respect others

Me and you equal

Open about weaknesses and strengths

Fair exchange

Perceived benefits Get what I want

Won’t get harmed

Will be respected

Won’t get harmed

Low personal risk

Will be liked

Get much of what I want

Will be respected

Fair relationships

Likely costs Poor relationships

Subtle revenge

Lost communication

Poor relationships

Get overlooked

People take advantage

Do not always get what I want

Confusion/envy of others


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