Musical training improves brain functions

A study made on people that had musical training revealed that they can rewire their brain in order to improve memory.

Twenty students had been selected for this experiment: ten of them had no musical training, while the other half took lessons from an early age. It was pointed out that in the latter group there were no professional musicians or people considered as gifted.

Having to remember words from a list while connected to an MRI machine, the musical skilled did better. What was really surprising for the scientists laid in the fact that the people who had music training activated the visual area of their brain in order to perform the task.

Rewireing the brain in this way might be the aftermath of having to perform a multitude of tasks when playing an instrument: reading the notes, sensing the rhythm, handling the instrument etc.

This comes as a great motivator, since lately my guitar practice became a once every two weeks habit. If you know any good acoustic songs, drop me a line, I see some intense practice sessions ahead.

Read the article here.


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