Not a fan of McDonald’s & Co.

I remember telling a friend that I never ate a hamburger from one of the big chain-stores like McDonald’s, Burger King etc. So far I only had, and it’s easy to remember, one pie, on salad, one or two ice-creams and almost the same amount of coffee cups. That is it.

Is this because I  don’t like junkfood? I do, sometimes, and I also prefer buying the big juicy burger from a small shop than the skinny, rubber like taste, burger from McDonald’s, for example.

In the gap between me and them, there is something even more important. It’s the way they advertise that contradicts with my values. I remembered this when I read today an article on Psychology Today.


2 thoughts on “Not a fan of McDonald’s & Co.

  1. Well, I totally agree with you. Now. When I was young, I would go to McDonalds as some sort of reward. However, I have not had a McDonalds product since I don;t know when. Because now I realize the implications of my choice. So if I want fries, God knows how many options we have in Belgium, the land of pommes frites, if I want an ice cream, I have again so many options and burgers? well, that I don’t eat at all so no problem. I might search for the pie, but I’d rather not. But the fact that you went 26 years without them, I think it’s impressive 🙂

    1. We did not have McD where I grew up, so technically we are ignoring each other for the past six years. But true, you get far better quality for cheaper prices at almost any other fa(s)t food place.

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