My battle with on-line gaming – Travian

While I was writing this article about games as future trends in marketing, I remembered that some years back I used to play Travian. The purpose of the game is to build a kingdom and protect it from invaders. You can conquer other villages, steal crops and resources, engage in alliances and ask users to send you reinforcements in order to counterattack.

The pinnacle of my interaction with the community was when I had to stop a plunder. I asked for help, coordinated troops and some users even gave me their account log in and password so I can send the troops at early morning hours – the attacker was from a different time zone.

The interaction was amazing, alliances formed around live hobbies like bands, sport clubs and nationalities. Eventually I started writing my attacker and we engaged in a friendly conversation. He was a merchant flying from place to place and went online mainly from his mobile device. This led to he’s army being decimated.

Nonetheless, it was a fun experience and definitely an engaging one: most of my battles were fought during nighttime and a few times work hours followed right after battle hours… In the long run, sleep won the battle against the game and I gave it up. Forever.

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