My battle with on-line gaming – Travian

While I was writing this article about games as future trends in marketing, I remembered that some years back I used to play Travian. The purpose of the game is to build a kingdom and protect it from invaders. You can conquer other villages, steal crops and resources, engage in alliances and ask users to send you reinforcements in order to counterattack. Continue reading


Digital marketing – six future trends – II

Ford leaves dashboard

Based on Unica‘s Future Trends survey, here are some of the channels that will influence digital marketing in the near future. If you missed the first part of the article, you can start from here.

Targeting and personalization: a lot of brands are trying to find a work around the issue of unregistered users. And they have the tools to start with: referring URLs, search keywords, tracking via IP, geo-location and other such analytics that can target consumers. Continue reading