What companies can learn from the press industry

There’s a phrase saying that people who read/ watch press the most are coming from the press industry.

And it makes sense, considering that you always have to be with an eye on the competition. By the way, have you ever seen only one reporter at a major envent? Take similar magazines and you will find more or less the same information, just the angle of the story might be different.

There’s a huge learning point coming from this story and one companies in other fields can use. It’s always usefull to see what the competition is using and update yourself. It’s no point in reinventing the wheel when the resources are just in front of you. Smart companies take the information and adapt it to their needs. In this way costs are low, you stay on the top and there’s also some time left to innovate the new process. Alternativelly, you can start from scratch and look at your neighbour and his accomplishments. Innefective and demoralizing, one might say. We all want to be associated with the best.

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