Collaboration and Competition

Last week I met a friend involved in a local not-for-profit. From outside, this organization grew up to have an impressive notoriety among young leaders and has been awarded several times during the year in in-house competitions. Seen from the inside, the story was a lot different. With prizes in mind, the board members (my friend was one of them) controlled a lot of the activities and when there was no one to move things forward, they would do it by themselves. They won the prizes, they communicated this in newsletters and, from outside, it all seemed perfect. Inside, a gap was created between leaders and members. Continue reading


Riff Channel and new SEO changes

As I had been working for the past month on Riff Channel, I’ve learned so many details about SEO. We changed several times the meta tags and even considered giving up some keywords since their practicality is doubtable.

Reading the topics on the web surely helps, as well as reading the Google dos and don’ts.

Another useful hint is to check your more successful competitors. Not just the layout of the site, also what hides under the hood. Actually, compare some SEO of top ranking sites, check meta tags in the home page and single pages.

Will post some resources in a while.

What companies can learn from the press industry

There’s a phrase saying that people who read/ watch press the most are coming from the press industry.

And it makes sense, considering that you always have to be with an eye on the competition. By the way, have you ever seen only one reporter at a major envent? Take similar magazines and you will find more or less the same information, just the angle of the story might be different. Continue reading