Seven tips to improve your decision making

From Harry Beckwith’s article, here are the seven tips that will help you make better decisions:

1. Enter with two objectives: To learn a lot and produce a plan.
2. Beware of the loudest voice in the room.
3. Beware of the person who wants to win.
(3a: Beware of being that person.)
4. Just because someone observed it doesn’t mean it’s true. (A corollary from law: Eyewitnesses constantly get the facts wrong.)
5. “I like it” and “I don’t like it.” Neither comment helps, nor matters.
6. You never tried something before and saw it fail. Your tried something similar at a different time.
7. Mistrust certainty–including your own. (Certainty is usually ego moving in for the kill.)

Reference: Harry Beckwith, Seven Tips For Making Better Decisions,


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