“Ah! que l’intervalle est cruel…”

Reading Stendhal‘s The Red and The Black (French & English versions), I came across a passage that fits perfectly with almost any situation where great plans stop right there.

Ah! que l’intervalle est cruel entre un grand projet conçu et son
exécution! Que de vaines terreurs! que d’irrésolutions! Il s’agit de la

—Il s’agit de bien plus: de l’honneur!


Oh, how cruel is the interval between the conception and the execution of a great project! What vain fears, what fits of irresolution! It has to do with life or death!

— It has to do with much more than that: it has to do with honor!



The 5 steps of our brain’s reward and planning system

David D. Nowell writes in Psychology Today a post about the neuronal loops between different parts of our brain and how some of these loops influence “motivation, focus, time- and goal-management”.

According to Mr. Nowell, there are five cognitive elements that make up the reward-and-planning system, his denomination for the corticostriatal loop.

  1. Anticipate the end-goal
  2. Identify the tasks and subtasks Continue reading