The Bullshit Dance

This story follows a series of experiences, the last one being a recent conversation with a Nigerian soccer player that landed in one of Romania’s most international-void places. This is my home city, once the pride of Romania’s steel industry because parts of the Eiffel tower and first country locomotives had been built here, it later became a culturally and economically deserted place.

The train ride…

After scanning the inside of the train from the outside, I chose the Continue reading


Two questions to get you thinking

This post has so many learning in its phrases. Here’s one that will surely keep you thinking:

“Effective time- and self-managers are asking themselves two questions, moment by moment. Those Two Questions are “Am I having fun right now?” and “Is this what I’ve set out to do”? If I’m doing what I’m here to do, experiencing what is mine to experience, I’ll be motivated and focused and engaged. And everybody around me will benefit from that, too. Just like I benefit from being around the people I’ve known who are truly living On Purpose.”

The 5 steps of our brain’s reward and planning system

David D. Nowell writes in Psychology Today a post about the neuronal loops between different parts of our brain and how some of these loops influence “motivation, focus, time- and goal-management”.

According to Mr. Nowell, there are five cognitive elements that make up the reward-and-planning system, his denomination for the corticostriatal loop.

  1. Anticipate the end-goal
  2. Identify the tasks and subtasks Continue reading