On Quiting Facebook…

It has been more than a year since I deactivated my Facebook account and I’m not even curious to know the exact time. In a recent event, I showed a friend how to promote his small business with a page, and I told him my opinion that investing too much time in updating the page might be counterproductive. Personally, I don’t miss being on Facebook. I keep in touch with my business contacts through LinkedIn or email. With far away friends through email, and I call for a face-to-face meeting friends near me. It works perfectly.


Impressions From Moodle Moot Romania 2012

Last weekend I attended Moodle Moot Romania ’12 and, as an overall impression, it was worth it. Hosted in a castle belonging to the Vasile Goldis West University of Arad, the event gathered an unexpected diverse crowd. Here are a few reasons to consider attending a Moodle Moot in your region:

  • you work in a field related to education and want to enhance your knowledge of Moodle Learning Management System (LMS)
  • you are interested in open source and in finding affordable ways to develop an e-learning platform
  • people working in education are not necessarily teachers. We had participants from private Continue reading

Being busy as a status of importance

When a colleague at work justified working long hours for days in a row with a better pay, this came to mind. The question of working long hours versus being effective is long winded, so here are instead some questions that might move the discussion forward:

What if we could learn more about technology to make our work life easier and faster? Are there any things that might help besides learning to Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V?

Is it that easy to leave your personal baggage outside the company? Will a tired, unfit and chronically disapointed ‘out-of-office’ Jim* become energized and engaged once he/ she** passes through the office door?

Does being part of a corporate health plan compesante for having a poor health?

Is coffee really all that it takes to perform at work?

Can a person engaged in work 12 hours a day, for days in a row, come up with solutions that will make the company thrive?

As I’m asking these questions to myself, I already know what works for me. Work, friends, health and other aspects of my life always intermingle and influence one another. A structure sport schedule teaches me about goals and this reflects in my work. A productive day at work gives me energy to move on in the evening and not disappoint my friends with complains. The energy we take from one activity varies and changes the way we perform the rest of the day, week, month… Think about this when you say that you’re too busy and this automatically makes you the better employee.

* a name randomly generated in the writing flow.

** Jim can also be a she, I respect your choice! 🙂