Impressions From Moodle Moot Romania 2012

Last weekend I attended Moodle Moot Romania ’12 and, as an overall impression, it was worth it. Hosted in a castle belonging to the Vasile Goldis West University of Arad, the event gathered an unexpected diverse crowd. Here are a few reasons to consider attending a Moodle Moot in your region:

  • you work in a field related to education and want to enhance your knowledge of Moodle Learning Management System (LMS)
  • you are interested in open source and in finding affordable ways to develop an e-learning platform
  • people working in education are not necessarily teachers. We had participants from private consultancies, people that organized the learning of the country police force, trainers, representatives of the National Agency of Penitentiaries and, of course, teachers

Not knowing a lot about Moodle before arriving at the conference and with a skeptic attitude that it could be implemented in large organizations, I sometimes took the role of devil’s advocate to find out more about the platform. It turns out that people are overall impressed and whenever there was a doubt about Moodle performing, this was mainly attributed to servers not withstanding the number of people. So with a good tech support it looks like Moodle is an alternative to consider when deploying an e-learning platform.

My mantra for the conference was ‘And how do I measure this?’ Well, it turns out that Moodle has this figured out, since there are quite a bunch of options on how to test people, submit homework, questionnaires and all sorts of peer testing gimmicks.

I was very impressed by BigBlueButton – the open source webinar solution, and the free software for SCORM compliant packages.

WIRIS, the set of mathematics tools, had a workshop at Moodle Moot Romania and, although it was quite challenging for my current level of maths, I’ve noticed the interest of science teachers during the presentation.

After one week of courses that started at 9 a.m. and extended well beyond dinner, I’m quite proud of my E-learning Developer Certification and happy I attended the conference. I will be following Moodle and look forward to next year’s event.

For an article in Romanian , please read here.


5 thoughts on “Impressions From Moodle Moot Romania 2012

  1. Thanks, Adrian for your post, very comprehensive and at subject. I was a pleasure to have you among us. Thanks for your ideas that you shared with us. The Moodle community from Romania needs dedicated people.

  2. Hi Adrian,

    That’s for sharing your impressions on BigBlueButton!

    We’ve been working hard on it for over four years now to provide the Moodle community an open source solution for on-line classes.

    Moodle is first-class open source software and there is a well supported integration with BigBlueButton as well (see BigBlueButtonBN).

    Regards,… Fred

    BigBlueButton Developer

    1. Thanks, Fred

      I will test BigBlueButton more thoroughly in the near future, but as far as I’ve seen it perform, I believe it to surpass much of the proprietary software that’s being used by some companies. Thanks for dropping by.

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