arrogant (ˈærəɡənt)

— adj

having or showing an exaggerated opinion of one’s own importance, merit, ability, etc; conceited; overbearingly proud: an arrogant teacher ; an arrogant assumption – Source

Also assuming that doing the job provides it all: knowledge, experience etc., without having to read, learn and stay up to date with technology, ideas and trends. Comparing humans with wine bottles, the more you leave them ‘untouched’, the better they get.


The Bullshit Dance

This story follows a series of experiences, the last one being a recent conversation with a Nigerian soccer player that landed in one of Romania’s most international-void places. This is my home city, once the pride of Romania’s steel industry because parts of the Eiffel tower and first country locomotives had been built here, it later became a culturally and economically deserted place.

The train ride…

After scanning the inside of the train from the outside, I chose the Continue reading

Mapping the learning process – teaching myself underwater freestyle

Sport has given me many opportunities to challenge my patience, my ability to set objectives and divide a huge effort that seemed unconquerable, my ability to mentally focus until I reach my objectives.

Often I looked at the completed task and made connections to other areas in my life. After all, an objective is an objective in sport or in business. Approaching one in different areas has similarities.

I will experiment now with a swimming challenge and, from the beginning, will map my way to success, going through every step from the frustration at the beginning to the sweet taste of success. Continue reading

Language learning tip – set the pace

Such a great advice I received this evening: if you want to improve on a language, be the one that sets the pace. It’s easy to have a conversation in English, but if you want to learn French, try it with every opportunity. And do it over and over again, until the other person understands that you do want the conversation to stay in French, even though you have difficulty speaking it.

Circle and spiral learning

Circle and spiral learners

Over the years I have encountered two very distinct types of people to work with. Taking the roles of leaders or team members, circle and spiral learning individuals are easy to spot after their flexibility in empowering teammates. They are the ones following the “produce or perish” credo, or focusing more on developing and understanding individual behavior. Continue reading