10 Mistakes in Behavior Change

From BJ Fogg & the team, here are 10 mistakes in behavior change:

  1. We rely on will power for long-term change
  2. Attempting big leaps instead of small steps
  3. Ignoring how environment shapes behaviors
  4. Trying to stop old behaviors instead of creating new ones
  5. Blaming failures on lack of motivation
  6. Underestimating the power of triggers
  7. Believing that information leads to action
  8. Focusing on abstract goals rather than on specific behaviors
  9. Seeking to change forever rather than for a short time
  10. Assuming that behavior change is difficult

There are also some other resources from the same author on his website:


Circle and spiral learning

Circle and spiral learners

Over the years I have encountered two very distinct types of people to work with. Taking the roles of leaders or team members, circle and spiral learning individuals are easy to spot after their flexibility in empowering teammates. They are the ones following the “produce or perish” credo, or focusing more on developing and understanding individual behavior. Continue reading