back then…

12 years ago I had to borrow a good backpack for a seven days camping trip. We had lame tents, weighing 10 kilos and not much of a shelter when it was raining badly. We sometimes slept in a small puddle and spent long minutes trying to start a fire with wet wood. And there are so many good memories coming from then. Now I have a cool tent that I haven’t used… ever… the expensive backpack moves me every once in a while from country to country and I use the sleeping bag – that can handle freezing temperatures – to couch sleep until I buy something to lay on the bed. My frustration.


Mapping the learning process – teaching myself underwater freestyle

Sport has given me many opportunities to challenge my patience, my ability to set objectives and divide a huge effort that seemed unconquerable, my ability to mentally focus until I reach my objectives.

Often I looked at the completed task and made connections to other areas in my life. After all, an objective is an objective in sport or in business. Approaching one in different areas has similarities.

I will experiment now with a swimming challenge and, from the beginning, will map my way to success, going through every step from the frustration at the beginning to the sweet taste of success. Continue reading