Ken Robinson On The Principles Of Creative Leadership | Fast Company

“Creativity is not some exotic, optional extra,” says the author of Out of Minds: Learning to be Creative. “It’s a strategic issue.”I’ve always believed that we all have these immense natural talents–we don’t all know what they are and we have to discover them. Very often organizations are inflexible because there is too little communication between functions; they are too segregated. A lot of people in organizations are disengaged–there’s a lot of research to show that. They turn part of themselves off when they get to work.There was a report published in the fall by IBM called Capitalizing on Complexity. It was based on a survey of 3,000 CEOs of for-profit companies, non-profits, social entrepreneurship and public sectors from around the world asking what’s on their minds. What was interesting about it was that this year the CEOs said they had three overall priorities. The first priority was running organizations that can respond to complexity because the world is getting more complex every day. Second was how to run organizations that are adaptable and resilient to these changes. But the top priority was how to promote creativity in organizations.

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25 Rules for a Perfect Brainstorm | InnovationManagement

25 Rules for a Perfect Brainstorm | InnovationManagement.

A nicely structured article that touches on how to organize a brainstorming session. From planning to hiring cartoonists that will display ideas in a visual-friendly way, it’s all in there.

One practice that was not mentioned in the article and can lead to a better session is to have a warmup brainstorm before the actual session. Take a fun topic and allow 15-20 min for people to get in the idea generation mood. Continue reading

What makes workers happy? Lessons from best company to work for | Psychology Today

Some excerpts bellow from an article recently read. Also to test some WP functions :p

Business analytics software company SAS was recently named the best place to work for the second year running according to Fortune’s list of the 100 best companies to work for. Why are SAS employees so happy with their jobs? Continue reading

Creativity and innovation as the number 1 strategic priorities

Here’s the short version of Mark Batey’s list in Psychology Today.

  1. Creativity, alongside innovation, ranks as number one in the strategic priority list of organizations.
  2. Creativity is part of all our day jobs, regarding the function inside the organization.
  3. Creative individuals bring growth to the organization. Continue reading

Round-Robin Brainstorming

This variation of brainstorming implies little verbal intervention between the members of the group and thus limits the influence of stronger personalities. Many of us encountered in brainstorming sessions people who seemed to monopolize the discussion. When this happens, reconciliation is in the hand of the facilitator.

To avoid having the discussion hijacked by a handful of people, the Round-Robin brainstorming method was invented. How does it work?

  1. All team members sit around a table. Each has an index card to record ideas on their own individual card. This is the start. Continue reading