What makes workers happy? Lessons from best company to work for | Psychology Today

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Business analytics software company SAS was recently named the best place to work for the second year running according to Fortune’s list of the 100 best companies to work for. Why are SAS employees so happy with their jobs?

The first clue is the industry. Software companies recognize that their bottom line is tied to having happy productive workers because those conditions foster money-spinning innovations. Instead of calling the workplace an office park, they refer to it as a “campus,” reflecting not just the serious intellectual activity and creativity taking place there in addition to the pleasant, tranquil, and self-contained features of the premises.

With a staff turnover rate of just two percent in 2009, he is clearly very successful in this endeavor. One downside of such success is that there is limited potential for upward mobility as no one is getting replaced.The sprawling 300-acre North Carolina campus has two subsidized day-care centers and a summer camp for children. Near the center of the campus is a free health clinic used by 90% of SAS employees and their families. The health center costs $4.5 million but is estimated to save the company $5 million because employees don’t have to kill time in waiting rooms.Keeping employees happy has certainly paid off for SAS with a 40-fold increase in revenues since 1984 based on holding a niche in the software industry that is immune from competition.Treating employees well is a profitable strategy because they reciprocate by working hard. In fact, employees are so strongly motivated that they sometimes describe the campus as a golden cage that they never want to leave.SAS employees are very well paid, of course, but it is not their salary that makes them happy. They care about what they are doing. More importantly, they feel that their contributions are noticed and appreciated. That is a powerful motivator.

via What makes workers happy? Lessons from best company to work for | Psychology Today.

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