Radio France FIP – adore the diversity

In the beginning just another tool in my ‘learn French’ kit, FIP became the everyday accessory for instant inspiration

The moment I decided to tackle (re)learning French, I knew that listening to radio was going to be one of the best and most effective ways of making progress. Secret weapon #1 has been my Kindle, and that needed a sidekick. Something I could use at work without being invasive. Now, one year and a half into this project, I’m not sure what were my first options in terms of radio stations. But I know where I stopped searching.

France Info is verbose. France Musique is often times pretentious. FIP is rebellious. Against time, lyrics, genre and roots. Continue reading


Risk by Dan Gardner

Dan Gardner draws on studies and social experiments to explain how our perception of risk is often biased. A very good read with lots of examples. Actually, so many examples that my kindle version didn’t allow me to make all the highlights I wanted to make while reading this book. Throughout the book the author mentions two systems:

System One is the more ancient. It is intuitive, quick, and emotional. System Two is calculating, slow, and rational. I’ll call the two systems Gut and Head […] Head is our best bet for accurate results but it has limitations. First, Head needs to be educated.

Gardner, Dan (2009-12-23). Risk (p. 31). Virgin Digital. Kindle Edition.