The underused, underrated ability to search the web

I am constantly amazed by how often we get stuck in challenges because we lack information… that is now available at the touch of the button. Not even that far, since Google is displaying results as you type…

So next time, just before you want to throw the towel and declare yourself defeated, open that search engine and type:



Preparing for the Brussels 20k race

Approximately six weeks ago I started running – as in it was the first time ever I had a long distance run training. The first time I surprised myself running 5k and it was motivating enough to go for more.

I also killed a personal myth: running alone is boring. Most of my runs are alone and it’s actully really comfortable. I always seem to find a jazz rhythm that would suit the rhythm of breething. Continue reading

Reverse Brainstorming – half as popular, twice as fun – II

This is the second and last part of our Reverse Brainstorming series. Previously we went through the initial preparation, getting the participants accustomed with the process, contributing to the atmosphere and actually doing some work. The fun part. Now, we have to make something out of all these ideas. Buckle up, we go! Continue reading